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SlushBuster FAQ


Will the SlushBuster impair my vision while driving?

No - the SlushBuster is installed well below your line of vision just above the resting position of your wiper blades.    

Will it come off after repeated uses during the winter?

No - the SlushBuster uses a similar adhesive that car manufacturers use for their body side molding, thus it will not come off until you take it off.

Does it attach to my wiper blades?

No - the SlushBuster adheres directly to the windshield just above your wiper blades.

Will the SlushBuster damage my wipers blades?

No –  test has shown that the SlushBuster actually enhances the life of wiper blades since you are eliminating the ice build up during the operation of your wipers.

How do I determine the right size for my wipers blades?

The SlushBuster will accommodate 19” – 24” wiper blades.  They can be adjusted by cutting at the designated perforation according to the length of your wiper blades. Precautionary note: DO NOT CUT INTO THE MOLDED BUMP.

How does the SlushBuster remove ice and snow build up from my wipers?

The innovative design of the SlushBuster continually flexes the rubber portion of your blades as it passes over knocking off the snow and ice build up while you drive. 

Does the SlushBuster help reduce ice smears on my windshield?

Yes - by keeping your blades clean of snow and ice it reduces the chances for ice smears on your windshield.

How hard is it to install the SlushBuster?

It’s very easy to install anyone can do it. From a scale of 1 – 5 (5 being most difficult), it would rate 1.  

Do I have to keep the SlushBuster on all year?

The SlushBuster is designed to last year round, but it is usually a matter of choice as to how long they will remain on the vehicle.

If I take the SlushBuster off in the summer, can I reuse/reinstall?

No - once you take the SlushBuster off your windshield they cannot be reused.  A new pair must be installed.

Will the SlushBuster harm my windshield?

No - the SlushBuster will not scratch or damage your windshield.




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