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1. The SlushBuster - Winter De-icing Strip

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1. The SlushBuster - Winter De-icing Strip
The SlushBuster - Winter De-icing Strip (02)

The SlushBuster - Winter De-icing Strip

SlushBuster® is a fabulous way to make winter driving easier and safer!

Snapping those wipers while you drive is crazy and pulling off to the side of the snowy road can be a hazard.  Now there is a better solution.  Introducing the SlushBuster, an excellent safety device that keeps your wiper clean, no matter what the weather is outside.  And best of all, SlushBuster installs in minutes with no special skills or tools. Anyone can do it!

The SlushBuster winter de-icing strip mounts directly on the windshield just above the wipers so they are out of the way.  As the wiper blades pass over the SlushBuster, our patented design breaks up snow and ice instantly - keeping visibility clearer and they even protect your existing wipers.

Recently, a study conducted by a nationally recognized information service company determined that more than 90% of drivers in Northern U.S. seek an alternative or assistance to the current wiper systems out there, with 69% of drivers surveyed are seeking advance windshield cleaning systems. The SlushBuster addresses these issues as a safety device that is small and easy to install.

Get your SlushBusterâ today... and enjoy an entire winter of ice-free driving!

  • Our special design breaks up ice and snow keeping visibility clearer and they even protect your existing wipers.
  • Special adhesive attaches directly to the windshield, below your line of vision so they're out of the way.
  • SlushBuster is easy to install, anyone can do it.
  • Tested to withstand temperatures ranging from –70° F to 140° F.
  • Works on any size truck and vehicle, any make any model.
  • No more standing outside in freezing temperatures, removing snow and ice off of wiper blades.
  • It's the only safety device of it's kind.

Watch the SlushBuster in action. Play the video now!

High Bandwidth 5MB - SLUSHBUSTER.AVI




"After installing the SlushBuster on our municipal vehicles, our drivers did not experience problems with ice or snow build-up on the windshield wiper blades.  And, to my knowledge there are no other product like this out in the market."

              Kent Royster, City Manager for Oak Forest, IL

"I outfitted my company vehicles this winter season with the SlushBuster to provide a safe driving environment for may staff...... It's amazing that such a simple device can enhance visibility during winter driving.  In fact, I was so impressed with the SlushBuster, I installed them on my family vehicles."

             Dan Harris, Owner/President, IGPM, Darien, IL

"Winter in Chicago has never been this easy, I haven't had to snap the wiper blades once this season."

            Michael Cassman, President, Just Networks, Inc., Schaumburg, IL


Elmwood Park, Illinois
Emergency Vehicle
Just Networks

Elmwood Park, Illinois
Snow Plow Installation Jan 15, 2004
Elmwood Park, Illinois
Snow Plow Completed Installation Jan 15, 2004
Elmwood Park, Illinois
The original pair 13 years later - March 03, 2017

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